Lab News (Click to see latest updates)

  • New article accepted!! Baken, E. K., M. L. Collyer, A. Kaliontzopoulou, & D. C. Adams. geomorph v4.0 and gmShiny: enhanced analytics and a new graphical interface for a comprehensive morphometric experience. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. (Accepted).

  • The gmShiny app is up and running. Check out the website!

  • New Lab Members! (Starting summer 2021)

    • Student Researchers: Lauryn Shamblee, Damiana Bradley Slagle

    • Lab Technician: Jordan Hooks

  • New website, May 2021

  • RRPP 1.0.0 and Geomorph 4.0.0 released, April 2021

  • Collyer & Adams, Phylogenetically aligned component analysis, MEE, published February 2021.

  • Dr. Erica Baken joined the lab as a postdoc, summer 2020